Norman Sadeh is a Professor in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. His research focuses on AI, ML, HCI, Language Technologies and public policy, including AI governance, with significant contributions in domains that include privacy, cybersecurity, mobile and the Internet of Things.

His research has been credited for influencing the design of products at companies that include Apple, Google and Facebook. He is also well known for earlier research contributions in areas spanning scheduling, supply chain management, multi-agent systems, automated trading and semantic web technologies.

Norman is also a successful entrepreneur and served as founding CEO and, until its acquisition by Proofpoint, as chairman and chief scientist of Wombat Security Technologies. In the late nineties Norman served as Chief Scientist of the European Union's e-Commerce initiative, which included all pan-European research in cybersecurity and privacy as well as major related public policy initiatives.

Contact Information:

Norman Sadeh
Email: S***H at

Lab Manager: Ms. KC Turner
Email: kcturner at

Co-Director, Privacy Engineering ProgramLead Principal Investigator, Usable Privacy Policy ProjectLead PI, Personalized Privacy Assistant ProjectCo-Founder, Societal Computing PhD ProgramCo-Founder, MBA Track in Technology Strategy and Product Management Co-Founder, MS in Product Management ProgramDirector, Mobile Commerce LabDirector, E-Supply Chain Management Lab

Recent News

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Design of a Privacy Infrastructure for the Internet of Things

October 2020 Presenting our work on the Design of a Privacy Infrastructure for the Internet of Things at 2020 USENIX Privacy Engineering Practice and Respect Conference (PEPR’20).

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CMU launches new privacy engineering options

November 2020: Just announced two new options in our privacy engineering program Both options are designed for working professionals interested in getting privacy engineering training without having to leave their existing jobs.

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Attorney General Becerra Announces Approval of Additional Regulations That Empower Data Privacy Under the California Consumer Privacy Act

November 2020 The Decision Sciences Institute announced that our 1998 article on Modeling Supply Chain Dynamics: A Multiagent Approach is one of the 15 most cited papers in the 50 year history of its Decision Sciences Journal.

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App and infrastructure alert users about data collection around them

December 2020: released new version of our IoT Privacy Infrastructure and IoT Assistant app. The infrastructure enables people to publicize the presence of IoT data collection processes at different locations and the IoT Assistant app enables people to discover them. Check it out!

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CyLab researchers design privacy icon to be used by California law

December 2020: The California Office of the Attorney General (“Cal AG”) just announced they would rely on icons and text we designed andd evaluated for the new California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Here’s the CyLab’s press release summarizing the work we conducted to inform and refine the design. And here’s the official March 2021 press release from the Cal AG acknowledging our contribution.

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What if opting out of data collection were easy?

January 2021: Our group just released Opt-Out Easy, a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that uses machine learning to automatically identify opt-out choices buried deep in the text of privacy policies. This should increase awareness of available opt-out choices and enable people to more readily exercise these choices. Here’s the CyLab press release (including a short video). This research was also published at the 2020 Web Conference

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selected media

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TEDx Yale University - The Livehoods Project

The Personal Privacy Assistant Project

A Privacy Infrastructure for the Internet of Things

The Usable Privacy Policy Project

Our Opt-Out Easy Browser Extension

Panel at the 40th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners (European Parliament)

Research Overview - Norman Sadeh